Hazel Village Annicke Mouse

SKU: 11515

Annicke is a light brown mouse with stripe cotton lining on her floppy ears. Wearing an amethyst sparkle dress with matching Shoes.  Complete with a story card which reads: 

'Annicke likes to wake up really early and search the meadow for new mushrooms. Unlike a human, she can tell by scent whether they are poisonous or delicious. She picks a bunch and leaves them on Ella Toad's doorstep, then goes about her business. Then, when Ella wakes up around noon she makes a delicious mushroom omelet, which is Annicke's lunch and Ella's breakfast'

  • Dimensions:   36 cm
  • Material:  organic cotton fleece
  • Her eyes and mouth are hand-stitched
  • Suitable from birth (please remove any loose clothing)
  • Washable by Hand
  • Lots more outfits available to purchase separately